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Zarina • Dutch • Web Editor • Globetrotter • Musical theatre fan • Sometimes writer
Books • Photography • Cinema • Theatre
Army Wives • Castle • Hart of Dixie • Nashville • The Big Bang Theory • White Collar
Andrew Garfield • Andrew Rannells • David Tennant • Drew Fuller • Gavin Creel
• Lee Pace • Matt Bomer • Oliver Tompsett • Tom Hiddleston

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alex gaumond, andrew garfield, andrew rannells, andrew scott, anthony horowitz, army wives, australia, baking, being erica, billy boyd, blackpool, blog, book of mormon, books, broadway, caissie levy, canada, cast recordings, cath kidston, charles dickens, charm bracelets, chocolate, christian borle, chuck, cinema, community, cooking, crafts, cupcakes, curly sue, david tennant, di-rect, disney, doctor who, dominic monaghan, drew boley, drew fuller, due south, england, enid blyton, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., family, gavin creel, gavin lee, george clooney, goonies, graphics, green day, guitar hero, harry potter, hart of dixie, hobbit, hummingbird bakery, icons, indiana jones, internet, ireland, iwan rheon, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, james blunt, jeffster, jeremy jordan, john simm, josh groban, joshua jackson, journal, journalism, kristen bell, lee pace, life on mars, literature, london, lonely planet, lord of the rings, los angeles, matchbox 20, matilda the musical, matt bomer, meg cabot, misfits, misha collins, moose, movies, museums, music, musical theatre, musicals, nashville, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, netherlands, new zealand, newsies, nickelback, note books, oliver tompsett, pepsi, pete murray, philosophy, photography, photoshop, polka dots, pushing daisies, reading, rent, rock of ages, santiago cabrera, scotland, sherlock, simon lipkin, smash, snow patrol, so notorious, soundtracks, spring awakening, stephen ashfield, sutton foster, switchfoot, sydney, sylar, takin' over the asylum, the big bang theory, the fall, the new normal, theatre, tim tams, tom hiddleston, travel, travelling, troy and abed, vancouver, veronica mars, wales, we will rock you, wellington, west end, west end live, westlife, white collar, whoverse, wicked, writing, zachary levi, zachary quinto

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