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Glee Live at the O2 & Paul Simon at the Roundhouse

I've been back from my holiday since Wednesday already (which was awesome by the way! I'm determined to actually post about it here - in contrary to my Germany trip last year for which I never found the time), but since I went to work again straight away and have been barely home in the evenings I was too busy to make an update until now.

On Thursday night I went to see Glee Live at the O2 for which I had a pair of free tickets (I would've liked to go anyway, but £60+ for a ticket was just a tad too much). The tickets were part of Sky Rewards and there were two different levels, one of which included a goodie bag. I didn't manage to get those but Mei was sweet enough to give me half of hers so I now have a t-shirt (that from the front looks like a Dalton Academy outfit and on the back lists the UK tour dates ) and a foam finger XD Our tickets also included access to Sky backstage which was a nice little area to avoid the crowds and they had things like a red carpet, photo shoots and apparently massages (though we missed the latter!). And because it was actually backstage we could also hear part of the sound check beforehand which was awesome.

Our seats in the arena were fabulous, much better than I expected anyway as the print-out listed level 4 (nosebleed) ones, but we ended up on level 1 instead. We were two rows higher than the stalls (which gave us perfect view during the show when everyone stood up as we could look over them) on the same level as a second stage in the middle of the arena where a lot of the performances happened. We were also right next to a barrier so when facing the main stage there was no one in my view.

The support act was a dance group named LXD which honestly didn't interest me very much. There was only one guy who I thought was phenomenal, but other than that, meh. The main show however was amazing! All the kids were there (I'll be calling them by their character names in this post as they did too and were in character the entire time on stage, for example when everyone was dancing properly Finn was woodenly moving around) except for Santana who was ill. They even had all the Warblers! And Sue and Will were on the main screen a few times during the show providing commentary. Particularly hilarious was Sue's opening where she was warning everyone they'd fall asleep and said she provided barf bags for those who need it during the show (at which time people dressed up as William McKinley High cheerleaders did in fact hand out barf bags to the audience).

I do not remember all the songs that were performed during the show but it included my favourites Lucky (Sam/Quinn), Fat Bottom Girls (Puck) and Teenage Dream (The Warblers). As well as Don't Stop Believing, New York, New York, Kurt and Brittany danced to Single Ladies, Jessie's Girl (Finn, who sounded so much better than on the show!), True Colours (Tina, a replacement song for Santana's Valerie), Firework (Rachel), Slave 4 U (Brittany), Raise Your Glass (The Warblers), Dance (Artie, who was in his wheelchair for most of the show but during this song showed what a great dancer he is) and Born This Way. The only ones who did not get to sing solo were Lauren and Mike, and Sam and Quinn didn't have an individual solo song, just their duet.

There was also a hilarious little sketch about midway in which Brittany said that she liked Kurt before she realised that he would never like her back and she wasn't going to make an idiot out of herself again so now she was going for someone more realistic... Blaine! During this sketch Kurt came on claiming his "man" and comparing himself and Blaine to the royal couple. When Blaine asked who he'd be Kurt said that of course he (Kurt) is Middleton. But something that the royals have that they do not are commemorative plates. Cue Chris throwing handmade commemorative Klaine plates into the audience, lmao! Then he laid down on the stage and said that the one thing that could make this even better is a proposal: "Blaine Warbler, will you join New Directions?" Hee! And from that moment on Blaine performed with the rest of the cast (no longer in his Dalton Academy outfit) on stage which was fab.

I really enjoyed the show and it was all quite spectacular with fireworks and tons and tons of confetti in the end (I've never been to a concert in an arena before - 20,000 people!) so I am glad I went to see it in the end :D

On Friday I went to see Paul Simon with Elli at the Camden Roundhouse as part of the iTunes Festival and he was great too (though I did enjoy the Glee show more, which was probably due to a large fact that I was so very tired on Friday). He sadly didn't perform Graceland, but he did do other favourites (for which I've included videos behind the cut) including Sound of Silence and You Can Call Me Al.

A fan dressed as a Warbler

One of the cheerleaders handing out barf bags

And another

Don't Stop Believing

Brittany talking to Will

Slave 4 U

Fat Bottom Girls

Born This Way


Teenage Dream (the first of three Warbler songs!!)

The main screen looked amazing during Jessie's Girl

Oh Sam <3

Single Ladies

New York, New York

More Glee pictures can be found HERE.

Sue introducing the show followed by the performance of Don't Stop Believing

The first part of the Brittany/Blaine/Kurt sketch (security was checking if people were filming hence it only being part of the sketch and looking shite. The sound is fine though)

Paul Simon - "Sound of Silence"

Paul Simon - "Here Comes the Sun"

Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al"

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