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"Not all tears are an evil."


I went to the Lord of the Rings all-nighter at the BFI Imax this weekend with artic_fox and Fiona, which was quite an experience! It started at about midnight on Saturday and lasted until 10am on the Sunday. I was surprisingly awake during the last film, however once I got home and went to bed for a "quick nap" I remained out cold for the duration of Sunday, oops. Nonetheless I am glad I went as I hadn't seen the movies in ages and it was nice to see them again in anticipation of The Hobbit later this year. And the company was great too, so win! Some scattered thoughts:

The Fellowship of the Ring remains my favourite film as it introduces us to stunning Middle Earth, the amazing key characters and has quite a few scenes in the Shire (I love the hobbits most of all ♥).

The Two Towers is still my least favourite of the three as it primarily focuses on a battle that takes up only a few chapters in the book and I couldn't care less for. Therefor The Battle of Helm's Deep became the battle against deep sleep.

• The seven endings in The Return of the King didn't bother me this time around (though some of the black screens between the endings lingered too long). It was however the first time I didn't shed a tear during the goodbye scene between Frodo and the other hobbits. It may have been the sleep deprivation though.

• Viggo looks so hot as Aragorn! He needs to always have a beard to hide his otherwise awkwardly shaped face.

• And on that note: Orlando Bloom - damn! I forgot how good-looking he is with the long blond hair, pointy ears and bow and arrow.

• Merry and Pippin remain my favourite characters, with all their mischief and clumsiness (I'm looking at you Pip) they provide some much needed comedy in an otherwise very depressing story.

• And Sam, oh Sam ♥ My heart broke every time Frodo questions Sam's genuine support and love (up until the point where I just want to slap some sense into Frodo. Corrupted by the ring and Gollum or not, how can he not see that all Sam's ever done is care for him?). In fact, I believe that if Sam had been the one to volunteer to bring the ring to Mount Doom, he would've done a better and quicker job. I know the ring supposedly corrupt everyone, but Sam doesn't display any signs of this when he's (briefly) in possession of the ring.

• I want to go back to New Zealand and visit all the stunning locations used in the films! When I visited "Hobbiton" last time around it was all bare, so clearly this means I have to go back and see what it looks like when it's not torn down.

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