Zarina (canadian_turtle) wrote,

Why this week has been made of rainbows and kittens...

I have attended several hilarious and brilliant Cabin Pressure recordings (with guest stars such as Anthony Head, Mark Williams and Tom Goodman-Hill!), succeeded in buying good seats for a Josh Groban concert in October and I have been to the Game of Thrones preview screening which had a Q/A with Sean Bean and Harry Lloyd. However the one thing that made this week an absolute double rainbow is that this afternoon I got offered a permanent full-time job!!!

I'll go into detail more in a later update (I just got home and am super tired so I'll be heading off to bed in a few minutes) but I will say that it is for a media/publishing company and my official title is "Junior Web Content Editor". My day to day tasks will include updating websites and editing (& possibly writing) blogs and articles, which fits perfectly with my journalism and web design background and I am terribly excited to start working in this industry again. The one downside is that it pays absolute shite, but there is the prospect to better this in the future so that would be a fantastic goal to work towards.

I am absolutely ecstatic that after all these months I finally have a job, and a fun one at that! So much stress and worries disappeared instantly after I finished this phone call; I can actually stay in London and I have a proper and realistic start to my dream career :D

Next on my wish/to do list: move house so I have more than just a bedroom to hang out in...
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